Construction Updates

Several communication mechanisms are in place to provide updates on all Sasol construction activities. The SasolTEXT system delivers real-time updates and information directly to your mobile device. Please visit our heavy haul route page for information on upcoming  and previous transports.

Ethane Cracker & Derivatives Project Construction Update

  • Progressed to around 81% completion (as of December 2017 reporting period)
  • Procurement of equipment almost 100% committed
  • Bulk materials procurement around three-quarters committed
  • Fabrication of modules completed
  • Fabrication of piping spool pieces is well advanced
  • Site, civil and concrete work substantially complete
  • Heavy haul route improvement 100% completed
Milestones Achieved
  • After 18 months, Sasol's 317-foot ethylene oxide wash tower arrives in Southwest Louisiana
  • Rotating traffic signals installed--first of their kind in Louisiana
  • 16 Louisiana businesses strengthened and widened 2.36 miles of roadway in 192,700 man-hours for the heavy haul route
  • Sasol sets 317-foot ethylene oxide wash tower--tallest component at Louisiana mega project site
  • Sasol sets 1,380 ton ethylene oxide reactor--heaviest component at Louisiana mega project site

To learn more about these milestone achievements, please visit our project photos and media page.

Last update: October 4, 2017



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