Construction Updates

Several communication mechanisms are in place to provide updates on all Sasol construction activities. The SasolTEXT system delivers real-time updates and information directly to your mobile device. Please visit our heavy haul route page for information on upcoming  and previous transports.

Current activity:

Early works activities, site preparation and civil construction work have been under way since 2014 and are nearly complete. On-site concrete batch plants are operational and internal haul routes are complete, eliminating a significant amount of off-site public road use for material deliveries. Site aboveground work began last fall and the heavy haul route widening and strengthening project is complete. Mechanical, electrical and instrumentation work began in 2016. LCCP progressed to around 55 percent completion with procurement of equipment almost 100 percent committed, bulk materials procurement around two-thirds committed and fabrication of the modules and piping spool pieces well advanced.



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